April 14, 2024

Christian Political Considerations

Passage: Romans 13:1-10

For the last two weeks, we’ve watched a video in SS called “Letter to the American Church.” The video is a warning and wake-up call to the church to take a strong stand against the evil that we see in our world today. If Christians fail to stand against evil, the situation will only get worse. And many of the evils we have to deal with are due to the political situation.

Some people might say that church is no place for a discussion of politics, and that is true in a certain sense. It’s not appropriate for me to talk about politics when I should be talking about the Bible. But pastors certainly should talk about those aspects of politics that have moral or biblical significance.

We know that the primary message of the New Testament is the good news about salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Our main message is the Gospel and our focus is largely spiritual. But a significant part of the New Testament teaches us how we should live, how we should function in our world. We must apply theology to practical matters of life. What we believe affects our behavior.

Further, the Bible teaches us about what governments are responsible for and what kind of laws our leaders should implement. The Bible pertains to politics. America was founded by Christians on biblical principles. So we should apply biblical principles to our current situation.

Quote:  Even though the church does not have a particular political role, Christians certainly do. The church’s business is to instruct the people of God in those moral principles that they must apply in their political decisions. In other words, while churches should not tell their members whom to vote for, they should teach them how to vote.[1]

A very important vote is coming up in November. If Christians fail to exercise their political influence, things will only get worse. If we want things to change, we have to get involved and do what we can do.

So let’s consider a few things to keep in mind regarding Christianity and politics.

[1] Kevin Bauder, “Let Me Tell You How to Vote,” In the Nick of Time, Jan 13, 2012. Some of this message is based on Bauder’s article.

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