Our Values

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Understanding Our Values

Doctrinal Purity: LBC upholds and defends orthodox evangelical doctrine. The teaching of sound doctrine will be a cornerstone of unity and ministry at LBC.

Biblical Separation: God is holy and He requires holiness from believers and from churches. LBC has no fellowship with people, movements and/or cultural expressions that are unholy or unbiblical. We maintain a high commitment to truth and want to avoid all forms of error and spiritual compromise.

Member Ministry: LBC is committed to the idea that the members of the church accomplish the primary objectives of the ministry. Only those who have committed themselves to membership will serve in the main ministries of the church.

Servant Leadership: Jesus came to serve, and he requires that those in positions of leadership also think of themselves as servants.

Family Emphasis: LBC seeks to promote strong families.

Friendly Atmosphere: LBC seeks to be warm, welcoming and friendly to all who attend.

Financial Integrity: LBC is honest and transparent in its financial dealings. Those who support the ministry should be confident that the church is not squandering resources.

Progressive Excellence: LBC seeks to develop and maintain excellence in all of its ministries. Professionalism and orderliness will prevail at LBC.