April 7, 2024

The Bible in One Message

Passage: Acts 7:2-50
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Perhaps you’ve heard a message on an entire book of the Bible, maybe a short one like Philemon or Jude.

But have you ever heard a message on the entire Bible? That’s what I plan to do today—preach on the entire Bible.

The Bible is a big book. It contains 66 separate books written by about 40 different authors across a span of about 1600 years. Plus, it’s not presented in chronological order. So it’s get lost in the details. The basic ideas are rather obvious, but how it all fits together can be rather unclear.

So it’s helpful for us to get an overview of the whole thing, a summary of the entire Bible. Once we see the big picture, we can see how the smaller parts fit in.

It’s like the picture on the puzzle box; we need to see the big picture before we understand all the little pieces.

Today I want to give a summary of the contents of the Bible. I’m going to try to explain the major ideas in the Bible under 10 headings all starting with “C.” And the information we find in each section is very important; these main ideas tell us a lot about our world and about ourselves.

Most of this will be review for many of us. But I think it’s beneficial for us to consider the whole sweep of the biblical narrative in one sitting. After that, we’ll consider the main point of it all; what does it all mean? What does it all point to?

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