May 27, 2019

The Music of the Lord

Passage: 2 Chron 7:1-6

Note: Every year we conduct a special "Guitar Sunday" worship service at which several of the folks from church play their guitars to accompany the singing. This message is from that service.

The word “music” is derived from the root “muse” or “musa” which means to think, meditate, or contemplate. We may think of music as amusement or entertainment; but when it comes to the music we use in the church, it ought to be the kind of music that causes us to think correctly about God. It ought to be the kind of music that motivates us to praise God appropriately. The Lord is very concerned about what we think and how we think (“think on these things” Phil 4:8). Music is a language of sorts and a form communication which deeply affects our emotions and thoughts and sometimes our actions.[1] Music is an important part of congregational worship.

Since music has played a large role in our service today, I thought it would be appropriate to look at a text in the Bible that also deals with music.

This passage describes the events surrounding the dedication of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. After building the temple, the people of Israel had a very elaborate dedication ceremony, and part of that great event included music—a lot of music. It seems that music was an important part of the regular worship services for the ancient Jews, and it was especially important at the dedication of the temple.

The fact that they did things this way in the OT about 3000 years ago doesn’t mean that we have to do things in the exact same way, but it does show us some things about how God’s people have used music historically in worship, and it shows some things about the kind of music we should use in the worship of God.

[1] Mike Harding

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