January 28, 2024

Bodily Autonomy

Passage: Psalm 139:1-22

I am very happy to say that we now live in a post-Roe-vs.-Wade world. In 2022, the Supreme Court, in its Dobbs decision, struck down RvW completely, found that it was a bad decision when it was made in 1973 and gave the decision for abortion back to the individual states. A recent study suggests that about 30,000 babies have been born since the Dobbs decision that otherwise would have been aborted.

Wisconsin has had an abortion ban on the books since 1849—over 170 years. Roe v Wade annulled that law. But after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, abortion became illegal again in Wisconsin according to that original law.

Sadly, Josh Kaul—the Attorney General of Wisconsin—filed a lawsuit disputing the enforceability of the 1849 law. He has said that he will not enforce that law; he will not prosecute those who violate the old law. When a judge ruled that the 1849 law does not outlaw abortion, Kaul joyfully exclaimed, “Freedom wins. Equality wins. Women’s health wins…. This ruling is a momentous victory, and we are prepared to defend it—and [to defend] reproductive freedom in Wisconsin.” That’s what he calls the murder of pre-born children—“reproductive freedom.” During the 15 months that abortion was illegal, about 1500 babies were born who otherwise would have been aborted.

Because AG Kaul has decided not to enforce the 1849 law, abortion providers in Wisconsin resumed their bloody and brutal business as of Sept 2023. According to a report I read, abortion clinics in the state had filled all their appointments for abortion within 24 hours of that court ruling lifting the abortion ban. People were lining up for abortions as soon as they were available again.

It seems likely that the SC of Wisconsin will make a further ruling on the issue, and many expect that court to confirm that abortions are legal in the state once again. The Court now has a 4-3 liberal majority, and it’s virtually assured that the court will rule in favor of abortion rights. The liberal judge who swung the court from conservative majority to liberal majority, Janet Protasiewicz, campaigned on her commitment to abortion rights.

Right now, WI law bans abortions after 20 weeks of gestation. WI republicans recently introduced a bill that would ban abortions after 14 weeks. Gov. Evers will undoubtedly veto that bill if it reaches his desk.

It seems that the majority of the citizens of Wisconsin approve of abortion. After all, a majority voted Gov. Evers, Josh Kaul, and the liberal member of the WSC into office. It’s a very sad to know that most of the people in our state are in favor of abortion. It’s very sad to hear an elected official rejoicing in the prospect of women killing their babies. But that’s the state of our state.

I’ve spoken in the past about the biblical basis for the sanctity of life and about the scientific reasons showing that human life begins at conception. Both biblically and scientifically, the truth is obvious: human life is valuable and worthy of protection from the moment of conception until natural death. Abortion is a great evil that we should strongly oppose because it amounts to murder. It’s commonly observed that about 65 million babies have been aborted in the US since abortion became legal in 1973.

Women choose abortion for many reasons, and today I want to look at one of the most common of those reasons, and I want to examine that idea from a biblical point of view. The common idea that many abortion proponents hold is that personal, bodily autonomy—i.e., individual freedom—is the greatest good. However, bodily autonomy is not the greatest good, and in many cases, the pursuit of bodily autonomy results in great evil, pain, abuse, and death. Abortion is a prime example of that.

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