May 15, 2022


Passage: Acts 2:37-47

Unfortunately, different churches have radically different views about baptism. Some say that baptism grants spiritual life. Some say that you cannot be saved unless you are baptized. Some say that baptism is no longer required at all. Some churches, like ours, sees baptism as a very important step of obedience and discipleship. There are many different views on baptism. Some of them have more biblical support than others.

Ours is a Baptist church; the name “Baptist” is significant. How we operate the church has much to do with our understanding of baptism. One of the distinctives of Baptists is our understand and practice of baptism. Every believer should have a good understanding of the meaning and purpose of baptism. Our understanding and practice of baptism must follow the biblical guidelines.

So, to that end, let’s consider what the Bible teaches about baptism.

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