May 22, 2022

The Glory of the New Covenant, part 2

Passage: 2 Corinthians 3:12-18

Paul’s main point in this section is that the NC has replaced the OC. The OC was glorious, but the NC is far more glorious.

The Bible presents us with two major ages in history: OT and NT. Everything up until the death and resurrection of Jesus is covered by the OT. Everything after Jesus’ death and resurrection, especially after the founding of the church, is covered by the NT. These two covenants mark a significant difference between the OT people of Israel and the NT church.

In today’s passage, Paul presents for us the surpassing glory of the New Covenant. Last time, we looked at the first part of this passage (.7-11), in which Paul’s main point is that The New Covenant is more glorious than the Old Covenant.

Now we can go on to the next part of this passage:  vss. 12-18

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