May 8, 2022

Eve: The Original Pattern of Motherhood

Passage: Genesis 2:18-24, 3:20

On this Mother’s Day, I think it would be appropriate for us to consider the question, “What is a woman?” That is a question that many in our culture, including at least one supreme court nominee, want to avoid answering, Many people today seem to be very confused as to the answer to that question. That question has become symbolic of the corrupt and depraved culture in which we live. Up until just a few years ago, almost anyone could easily define what a woman is. Now, because of the ongoing moral revolution in western civilization, many people won’t even try to define what a woman is.

Of if they do try to define it, they say something like, “A woman is whatever you want it to be.” Everyone is free to come up with his/her own definition of what a woman is. Anyone can identify as a woman. Womanhood looks different to everybody. Every person has the right to define it however he/she/ze wants to define it.

These days, even those claiming to be women can’t define what a woman is. They don’t want to define it, because there are plenty of people today who are not women but who want to portray themselves as women. Some men enjoy beating women in sports, so they pretend that they are women. Some men want to do very wicked and evil things, so they portray themselves as women. We live in a seriously deranged, corrupt, and confused world.

With so much corruption and confusion swirling around us, it’s good to know that we have a resource that gives us a true definition and a true source of information regarding women and motherhood. Of course, I’m referring to the Bible. In the Bible, we find the original pattern for motherhood in the first and original female, Eve.

Today I’d like to look at the example of Eve and see how she defines the concept of womanhood and motherhood. Of course, some things about Eve are unique and not repeatable. But other things about her seem to set a pattern reflecting God’s design for female life.

What is a woman? While the definition of that term eludes many of the elite in our culture today, we can quite easily define that term by looking at Eve.

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