October 1, 2017

William Tyndale–Prince of Bible Translators

Passage: Psalm 119:85-105

Back in 1966, the US Congress proclaimed that Sept 30 of each year would be marked as World Bible Translation Day. One of the reasons Sept 30 was chosen as World Bible Translation Day was that that same day had previously been recognized as St. Jerome’s Day. Jerome lived in the 4th century AD. He was one of the first to translate the Bible into another language—Latin. He made his translation right around 400 AD. His version came to be known as the Latin Vulgate, and it was used in the church for over 1000 years.

As important as Jerome was for the Latin language, William Tyndale was for English. Today, in observation of World Bible Translation Day, I’ll be focusing on Tyndale and his contributions to English Bible translation.

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