January 23, 2022

What’s So Bad About Abortion?

Passage: Psalm 139:1-16

The Supreme Court finding on Roe vs. Wade has allowed legal abortion since 1973. But that decision could be coming to the end of its life. The SCOTUS recently heard arguments regarding a Mississippi law that would prohibit abortion after 15 weeks of gestation (Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health). The Court could use this opportunity to overturn Roe altogether; many court-watchers believe that there may be support for that. We will likely find out in June whether the Court will overturn Roe, further modify it, or let it stand as is. Of course, we all ought to be praying that the court will reverse its position and overturn one of the most horrible and unconstitutional decisions it ever made.

If the court decides to overturn Roe, abortion will not become illegal, unfortunately. If the court overturns Roe, regulations will depend on the laws of each state. Some states, like CA, IL, and NY, will have very free and open laws governing abortion. Here in WI, Gov. Evers, Attorney General Josh Kaul, and others are advocating for Senate Bill 72, which would repeal a 172-year-old abortion ban. If that law stands, abortion will effectively be prohibited in WI—a very good thing. Since the US Constitution says nothing about abortion, it really should not be a federal issue. It should be under state control.

Abortion, unlike many other legal controversies, is clearly a moral issue. Abortion causes the intentional death of a human being. That is obviously an act with moral consequences.

Not many years ago, those advocating abortion said that abortions should be safe, legal, and rare. They admitted that abortion was a tragic decision to make, a necessary evil; but it had to be available to provide an escape from a difficult situation. Not many make that argument anymore. Today, advocates of abortion encourage people to feel good about what they’ve done. They want to promote abortion as a good choice—good for the woman and even good for the aborted baby. I recently read an article where the author promoted the idea that abortion training for doctors should be more widespread. Many people think that abortion should be more common, more frequent, and better accepted by society.

The prophet Isaiah described this kind of thinking when he said,

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Abortion advocates are precisely wrong in saying that abortion is good in any sense. Abortion is evil in nearly every case. Christians must stand strongly against the practice of abortion and work diligently to abolish abortion.

What’s so bad about abortion? Why should we stand so strongly against it? Why do we want the SCOTUS to overturn Roe vs. Wade? If you were having a discussion with friends or family, and you were making the case for the pro-life point of view, how would you prove your case that abortion is evil, wrong, bad, and unacceptable? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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