April 17, 2022

Truths About the Resurrection

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The entire structure of Christianity stands or falls with one historical event—the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If that event happened, then it verifies that Jesus is whom he claimed to be. It proves that he is the Son of God. It proves that the Gospel is true. The church exists because of Jesus’ resurrection.

On the other hand, if the resurrection did not happen, then Christianity is a fraud. The teachings of Jesus mean nothing if he did not rise from the dead.

On Resurrection Day—Easter Sunday—it is our great privilege to declare and affirm that Jesus rose from the dead. “He is risen; he is risen indeed.”

And it’s our obligation as Christians to understand what Jesus accomplished at his resurrection. We obviously have to believe/affirm the resurrection, but we also should know what it means, what it signifies, why it is important.

If you were in a conversation with an unbeliever, and you said that Jesus rose from the dead, and the unbeliever said, “So what?” how would you respond? Would you be able to tell the unbeliever why the resurrection is important? Or would you have to admit, “I know that it happened, but I don’t know why it’s important”?

All Christians must believe in the resurrection of Jesus, and all Christians should also understand the importance of it. We should understand what happened when Jesus rose again. That’s why it’s important that we review and remind ourselves about what happened and why it’s so important.

Let’s notice several biblical truths about Jesus’ resurrection.

[1] Some of this is from Emmaus Journal Volume 7 (Vol. 7, Page 195). Emmaus Bible College.

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