June 30, 2024

Trusting God: God’s Sovereignty Over People

Passage: Daniel 4

Our theme in this summer sermon series is Trusting God. God’s sovereignty over people should cause us to have a greater degree of trust in God.

I quoted from a Spurgeon sermon last week to emphasize the fact that people are fine with God’s sovereignty until it impinges upon them personally. God can be as sovereign as he wants to be, as long as he does not influence human thought or behavior. When God starts intervening in human choices, that’s when the opposition to God’s sovereignty begins.

People don’t want God to insert himself into their own free-will choices. Many today deny that God does that or is able do that. They claim that God cannot influence the free choices of people, because if he did, humans would no longer be free. And above all, many people want to maintain their idea of human freedom.

The Bible reveals very clearly that God can and does intervene in human affairs. Nothing is outside of or beyond the sovereign power of God, not even the human mind or human choices.

Today I want to consider God’s sovereignty over people—human decisions, even human thinking. I believe that the biblical evidence shows that God is sovereign over people and their choices. God has the right and the power to intervene in creation any way that he desires. And at times, for his own purposes, and for the good of his people, God influences human thought and behavior.

If God can intervene in human thought and behavior, we can ask God to do that for us, for our benefit. We can ask God to restrict or reduce evil because God has that ability. We can trust that God can and does influence human thinking and behavior for his own glory and for our good.

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