August 22, 2021

Threats Against the Family

Passage: Proverbs 4:1-13

On July 1 of this year, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus posted a video online of a song titled “We’re Coming for Your Children.” The song contains the following words:

“You think that we’ll corrupt your kids, if our agenda goes unchecked, Funny, just this once, you’re correct. We’ll convert your children, Happens bit by bit. Quietly and subtly. And you will barely notice it. … We’ll convert your children. We’ll make them tolerant and fair.”

"Your children will care about fairness and justice for others. Your children will work to convert all their sisters and brothers. Then soon we’re almost certain, your kids will start converting you!"

"The gay agenda is coming home. The gay agenda is here! …

"We’ll convert your children. Someone’s gotta teach them not to hate. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children.

Do any of you find those lyrics a bit troubling? Do you relish the idea of homosexuals teaching your children about tolerance and fairness? Do you think the members of the SFGMC have the moral standing to teach anyone about morality? Do you believe them when they say that they are targeting your children? You should, because that’s exactly what they are doing.

Homosexuals intentionally targeting your children is only one example of the challenges facing the Christian family today. Many corrupt and warped people are coming for our children. They want to win them over to the wrong side. And in many cases, they are succeeding.

Homosexuals and others have been successfully converting children to their agenda. Studies have shown that a shocking number of children raised in Christian homes do not accept the Christian faith or do not retain it later in life. According to recent statistics:

  • A staggering 61% of today’s young adults who were regular church attendees as children are now “spiritually disengaged.” They are not actively attending church, praying, or reading their Bibles.
  • Only 20% of those who were spiritually active during high school maintain a similar level of commitment as an adult.[1]
  • Studies also found that children begin to leave the Christian faith long before they get to college. Many times, children from Christian homes begin questioning the basic teachings of Christianity in jr. high and HS.

The highest goal as Christian parents is to see our children saved and serving the Lord. Our goal is to pass the faith down to the next generation. There are many threats against the family today that are hindering that from happening.

One of the major responsibility of parents is to protect their children from threats that would harm them. Some of these threats are physical, but many more of these threats are spiritual, social/cultural, technical, and political.

Part of my responsibility is to warn you and sound the alarm about these threats. Most of us are probably aware of some of these threats against the family. But perhaps we are not taking these threats seriously. So today I want to consider several of the threats to the family that we should be aware of and that we must protect our families against.

I’ve organized these threats into four categories: spiritual, social/cultural, technical, and political. These are threats against the family as a whole and against children in particular.

[1] Ken Hamm, Already Gone

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