April 7, 2023

The Death of Christ Meets Man’s Need

The Roman soldiers crucified Jesus in April of AD 33. But he was not the only one who suffered that same fate. Around that time, the Roman Empire put to death thousands of criminals. Jesus was one of a huge number of people who suffered death by crucifixion.

But Jesus’ death on the cross was unlike all the other crucifixions of that time. Jesus’ death on the cross was utterly unique. Jesus’ death had a meaning and purpose not like anyone else who had the misfortune of ending up on a Roman cross.

By the way, Jesus death by crucifixion is one of the most well-attested historical events from ancient times. Jesus’ death is not a legend or a myth; it’s historical fact. But what is the meaning or significance of that fact? How does his death have any value for us, who live almost 2000 years later?

The death of Christ on the cross had a spiritual value for those who believe in him. In some way, Jesus’ death was beneficial for others. In certain ways, Jesus’ sacrificial death is beneficial for all people. In fact, it’s beneficial for the entire creation.

Today I’d like to consider four areas of human need that the death of Christ meets. Jesus’ death on the cross meets our human need in four distinct ways:

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