May 27, 2018

Music in the Church

Music has been and continues to be an important aspect of proper worship. The Bible mentions several different kinds of instruments that the Jewish people used in their worship services. Today we used stringed instruments and one basic musical style to accompany our congregational singing.

We all know that many styles of music are available in the world, and we know that many churches use a variety of styles in their worship services. I would argue that some music is appropriate for use in the church while other styles are not appropriate. I believe that we should be careful about using an appropriate style of music in the church.

Today I want to consider several things the Bible says about music in the church. I think that this is a slightly different topic than the use of music for entertainment or personal recreation. What we use in church is going to be somewhat different from what we might use at home or in other settings. My concern today is with music we use in the worship services of the church.

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