August 28, 2022

Christian Identity — Steward, Ambassador

Passage: 2 Cor 5:14-21

This is the final message in our Summer Sermon Series on Christian identity. In this series, we’ve talked how people in the world today are often very confused about their identity. …

Christians need not be confused about our identity; we simply need to know and adopt the identity that God gives us. It’s important to know that we are made in the image of God, that we are children of God, “in Christ,” holy/royal priests, citizens of earth and heaven, and servants of Christ and of his church. All those ideas have rich and meaningful application for how we identify ourselves. If we would see ourselves in those terms, we would have no confusion regarding who we are or what our place is in the world. We would also reject the radical individualism and self-centeredness so common in our society today.

The Bible mentions several other ways of identifying ourselves that we won’t have the time to deal with right now. We could examine how the Bible describes believers as saints, heirs, soldiers, athletes, farmers, vessels, and first fruits. Perhaps at some time in the future, we’ll look at those identifying features.

We’re going to finish out this series by considering two additional ways of identifying ourselves—as stewards and ambassadors.

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