February 6, 2022

Boaz Takes Charge

Passage: Ruth 4

We now come to the climax and resolution of the story of Ruth.

Remember that the theme of the book is how God demonstrates His faithfulness by loving, superintending, and caring for His people. Chapter 4 shows how God provides a home and security for Naomi and Ruth. God demonstrates his hesed—his mercy and loving kindness—to those who behave themselves with godly virtue and honor. During the time of the Judges, when most people were doing whatever seemed right in their own eyes, Ruth and Boaz were living according to God’s standards of behavior, and God blessed them for it.

We live in a time much like that of the Judges—many people do whatever they want without reference to what God might want. After reading the book of Ruth, we should be assured that God blesses those who live virtuous, honorable lives.

Any sincere Christian wants to enjoy God’s blessing on his/her life. This story shows how God can do that for his people. The story doesn’t guarantee that all believers will experience this same set of circumstances, but it shows that God is active in our lives providentially, providing resources and opportunities for those who please him.

Remember the context:  In chapter 3, we learned that Ruth has asked Boaz to spread his “skirt” or wing over her, in effect asking him to play the role of the goel and marry her. Boaz has stated his willingness to do so, and in this final chapter of the book, Boaz goes to work to fulfill Ruth’s request.

While Ruth and Naomi wait at home, Boaz takes charge of the situation.

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