February 17, 2019

Seeing and Believing, part 1

Passage: Luke 11:27-36

In our passage today, Jesus had been making some rather spectacular claims. He claimed to have cast out a demon by “the finger of God.” He claimed to be the representative of the kingdom of God. He claimed that we can’t be indifferent or neutral in our belief about him.

In light of these claims, the people had asked for another sign; a greater sign than merely casting out a demon and allowing a formerly mute man to speak. The crowd wanted to see a “sign from heaven” (11:16). They wanted more evidence. But Jesus was unwilling to comply with their demands. He asserts that “an evil generation” seeks a sign. Rather than looking for a sign, they should look to the Word of God. The evidences for Jesus’ claims are not primarily in the signs; the evidence for the legitimacy of Jesus claims are in the Word of God.

Jesus is calling for a response to his message. Are you for him or against him? Are you going to hear the word of God and keep it? Are you going to accept his message as light and truth? Will you believe him or reject his message? We must answer these questions; we must respond to Jesus’ claims; we must make a decision.

Many of the details here seem to be related to the Word of God. Let’s consider what Jesus says about the Word of God in the first part of this passage.

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