January 13, 2019


Christians maintain the biblical hope that at their death, they will immediately go to heaven. Paul assures us, “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” We routinely talk about heaven and sing about heaven. We believe we can know for sure that heaven is our eternal home.

However, heaven for some of us may be a rather confusing, nebulous concept; rather misty and unclear. Perhaps our understanding of heaven is based on common myths and misinformation rather than on clear biblical teaching.

Since the Bible tells us a good bit about heaven, we ought to base our understanding of this subject on what God has clearly revealed. The Bible is the only authoritative source of information about heaven. We should make sure that what we believe about heaven conforms to what the Bible teaches.

Our text today was John 14:1-6, and we’ll get our basic outline from this passage. From this and other texts, we can confidently affirm several things about heaven.

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