January 29, 2023

Consequences of Living for Christ, part 2

Passage: 2 Corinthains 5:16-6:2

In the previous section of 2 Cor, Paul exhorts us to live for him who died for us. (Read vs. 15).

Note vs. 16a—“therefore, from now on …” These words introduce several consequences or results of living for Christ. Since Christ loved us, died for us, and rose again, we should live for him and not for ourselves. What would it look like if we did that? What would the consequences be if we lived for Christ “from now on”? That’s what this passage tells us.

In the first part of this message, back in December, we looked at two consequences of living for Christ:

  1. .16 We regard no one “according to the flesh.” That is, we don’t judge people on a superficial, external, worldly level. We look at things biblically, not superficially.
  2. .17 We relate as new creations in Christ. The old, pre-conversion way of thinking and living is gone; it’s been replaced by a new worldview and lifestyle.

Let’s go on in the text now to see another consequence of living for Christ.

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