June 3, 2018

Clear and Present Dangers, #2 Weaknesses in the Evangelical Church, part 2

Passage: 2 Tim 3:1-5

Last week, we started our Summer Sermon Series. I’ve given these messages the title Clear and Present Dangers. We are considering several threats to the church, both from within and from without.

I quoted a leading evangelical writer, Sinclair Ferguson, who recently said, “Christendom can easily destroy the Gospel and is destroying the Gospel. The Church is the greatest threat to real Christianity in the world.” I would have to agree with Ferguson; we are sometimes our own worst enemies.

Last week we considered four reasons the church is a threat to the church.

  • Many churches endorse a pragmatic viewpoint where whatever works is good. The ends justify the means. Churches too often make decisions based on what works, not what is biblical.
  • Many preach a false or a watered-down Gospel. In an effort to save as many souls as possible, some strip down the Gospel to a more palatable, attractive message that’s easy to swallow.
  • Many churches maintain a casual view of God. They don’t see God as high, majestic, and sovereign. God is relatively ineffective and is easily manipulated according to many today.
  • Many churches maintain an overly-inflated view of mankind.

The results of these ideas have been disastrous for the church. I would have to agree that the biggest threat to the church is the church.

Let’s look at several other reasons the church today is a threat to itself.

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