November 13, 2022

Being Confident, Here or in Heaven, part 2 — the Judgment Seat of Christ

Passage: 2 Cor 5:10

All of us who are saved are on our way to heaven, but we are not there yet. I trust that all of us want to live a long and productive life here on earth, and when our time is done, we can be confident that we’ll go to heaven and enjoy eternity there.

2 Cor 5:6-10 gives us some advice about what to do while we are still at home in the body. What do we do while we await the transition from this “tent” into a “building of God eternal in the heavens”?

Last week, we saw that in vss. 6 and 8, that we should be confident of our eternal home. We live with assurance that heaven is our ultimate/final destination.

In vs. 7, he tells us to “walk by faith.” That means that we are committed to living with confidence in God and his word. We believe what God has said is true, and we behave accordingly. We don’t live by appearances or feelings; we live by faith in God’s promises.

In vs. 9, Paul suggests what one of our goals ought to be—“to be well pleasing to [God].” Our aim should be, not just that God would tolerate us, but that our behavior would be well-pleasing to him. We live in such a way that God considers us to be good and faithful servants.

The last piece of advice in this passage is: Live in the light of future judgment.

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