January 7, 2018

Warning about Woes

Passage: Luke 6:24-26

Several weeks ago, we began working our way through the Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6:12-49). In verses 20-23, we have four blessings, often called “beatitudes,” which we looked at last time. Following the Beatitudes is a corresponding and opposite set of woes that befall those who reject Jesus’ teaching.

Interestingly, Matthew does not record these woes. It’s a good thing we have both accounts. Both M and L include things the other writer doesn’t.

Jesus promises blessings for one group and woes for another. Many people today focus on the blessings and ignore the woes. But the Bible does not give us the option of picking those parts that we like and ignoring those parts that we don’t like. The woes are just as true and pertinent as are the blessings. Many today want to believe that everyone will be blessed and no one will suffer woe. Not according to Jesus. Those who obey Jesus’ teaching here will enjoy a blessing. Those who ignore these teachings will suffer woe.

Let’s take a moment to look at a warning about woes.

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