May 23, 2021

The Scriptural Meaning of the Resurrection

Passage: Luke 24:44-55
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We have now arrived at the last section of the book of Luke. Luke tells us that Jesus had appeared to many of his disciples after his resurrection. They had seen him, heard him, and touched him. They had verified with their human senses that Jesus was physically alive after his death. The y could testify that they had seen the risen Lord and that he was genuinely alive. They could witness to the facts of this historical event.

However, facts don’t stand by themselves. Facts must be interpreted. We have to understand the meaning of the facts. So the next thing Jesus does is to provide scriptural explanation of the fact of  his resurrection. The disciples needed to understand the Scripture in light of these facts, and they needed to understand their responsibilities in light of these facts. Jesus provides that understanding and that commission.

One notable part of this passage is the Great Commission as Luke records it. Disciples are to go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit and proclaim forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name to those who repent and believe. We are still obligated to obey that command today. The Great Commission still stands, and we should be actively working to spread the Gospel in obedience to this command.

This passage has two main parts. In the first, Jesus reminds the disciples of his previous words and helps them understand the Scriptures. And in the second, Jesus ascends to heaven.

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