May 5, 2019

The Blessed Servant

Passage: Luke 12:35-48

In today’s passage, Jesus talks about the importance of readiness or preparation. He urges us to be busy fulfilling our responsibilities as we wait for the Lord’s return. T he Lord’s return is certain but the timing is unknown. Therefore, we must be diligent and ready at all times because he may return when we don’t expect him. If we fail to be prepared and if we fail to do the Master’s will, we will face dire consequences (.47).

Before we get into the details of the text, we should recognize a couple of things. First, Jesus’ words here apply to a household arrangement common during his time. He’s talking about a relationship that existed between the master of the house and certain members of his household. The master, his household manager/steward, and his servants, were all considered to be members of the same household or family.

Second, we should know something about wedding feasts. Weddings at this time in history could last an indefinite length of time, from a day to a week. So the master would be away for an indefinite amount of time, and he’d return at an unknown time. The fact that he would return is certain, but the time of his return was uncertain. So the question is, what will the servants do while the master is away? Will the mice play while the cat is away, or will they faithfully discharge their duties? Will they be ready for their master’s return, or will the master return and find them unprepared and neglecting their duties?

Of course, all of this pertains to us as servants in God’s household. Will we be faithful and alert as we await the return of Christ, or will we abuse our privileges and fail to fulfill our duties? Will be we diligent and faithful servants, or will we be lazy and negligent? And what will be the consequences of our faithfulness or negligence?

I trust that all of us want to be faithful, diligent servants in God’s household as we await Jesus’ return. I trust that we want to know and do the will of God.

How can we be faithful, blessed servants as we await the coming of Christ?

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