October 20, 2019

Jesus Mourns Over Jerusalem

Passage: Luke 13:31-35

In Luke 13, we find Jesus intentionally moving closer to Jerusalem, and he knows exactly what’s going to happen when he arrives. Before he gets there, we have this brief narrative regarding Jesus’ response when the Pharisees warns him about Herod’s desire to kill him. Jesus uses this threat to tell us something about himself and about his mission. Jesus would allow nothing to hinder him from accomplishing his goal. Jesus’ plan was self-sacrifice, not self-preservation. He knew he would die in Jerusalem, and he did not turn away from that destiny. But he knew that his sacrifice would occur at the proper time and place.

One of the main things we see in this text is the sovereignty of God. Herod could not change God’s plan. The stubborn unbelief of the Jews could not change God’s plan.  Jesus would complete his task, and nothing could prevent him from accomplishing his goal. We see that Jesus is in sovereign control over the events leading to his death.

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