May 7, 2023

Guidelines for Generous Giving, part 2

Passage: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Today, we’ll finish this center section of 2 Corinthians. Chapters 8-9 deal with rich generosity toward Christian ministry. We are about ready to finish up these chapters. Last time we looked at a few guidelines for generous giving:

We should give like we want to harvest a bumper crop. Money that we give to the Lord’s work is like a seed. We plant generously so we can reap bountifully.

We give as we purpose in our hearts, that is, intentionally, with the right motives. We want to be glad givers, not sad or mad givers.

We give expectantly. We trust that God will provide what we need. If God provides abundantly, we in turn give generously. God will provide sufficiently for us even if we give generously.

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