January 10, 2021

Barbarians at the Gate

Passage: Psalm 2

One of the images that caught my attention during the recent events at the nation's capitol was that of a man dressed up as a barbarian standing in the Senate chambers, at the very place where the VP often sits. To me, that image just about sums up the direction our country is going. The barbarians are at the gates. Or worse yet, the barbarians are in the process of taking over.

To me, that barbarian standing in the senate chamber represents the fact that almost all of the institutions of our nation are under the control of what I call “the barbarians” – i.e., the leftists, the socialists, the communists. They largely control the government, education, entertainment, the media, sports, and even a large part of the church.

I’m not a prophet or the son of a prophet, but I can envision what is about to happen to our country. I think there is good reason to believe that the recent election was seriously irregular, to put it mildly. The results of that election will be that the leftists will shortly take over the federal government. They will have nearly total control. And if those officials do what they have promised to do, our nation will lurch further toward the trash heap of history. Virtually all of the good things that President Trump did will be speedily reversed. The new administration will institute policies and laws that will endanger our basic constitutional rights to free speech, free exercise of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom to bear arms. Perhaps, within not many years, this church will face genuine persecution. If the leftists do what they say they intend to do, we are in serious trouble.

What do we do in the face of these prospects? Let’s consider three biblical principles that we should remember in times like this.

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2 thoughts on “Barbarians at the Gate”

  1. Hello Pastor….We just listened to this excellent sermon, and were wondering what the response was from the congregation. There are so many people who don’t listen to the news, and consequently are clueless to what is going on, and a sermon such as this may be shocking,. Rich and I have been listening to VCY, Crosstalk, Brannon Howse, Julaine Appling, Twila Brase for many years, so are accustomed to hard words. Also we spent the first 48 years of our life in Miami, Florida, the voodoo capital of America, so we know darkness is a reality and the Lord is our only shield. I was glad to hear Psalm 2 and Psalm 37 referenced. I have been “soaking” in these Psalms for months now. Psalm 73 is another vital one. I thank the Lord for the technology that enables us to listen to and re-listen to LBC sermons.

    1. Hello Caplingers. Nice to hear from you, and I’m glad you are finding some benefit in these messages. So far, just a couple of comments from folks regarding these topics, all positive. I think people value hearing the truth, especially when it exposes the lies coming from the world. Joe Biden has already taken some extreme steps to alienate Christians. Looks like he’ll be paying back his supporters in the pro-abortion and pro-LGBTXYZ camps. I am fairly certain that the church will be facing some dark days in the near future. But it will not be the first time that Christians will encounter opposition from a hostile world. Perhaps the light will shine brighter as the culture becomes darker. Anyhow, thanks for the comments. God bless you all.

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